Thursday, May 28, 2015

Eau de (Lagoon) Cologne.....aka Sulphuric Stench

1.  My beloved husband is safely home and the plane landed four minutes EARLY!!  Unheard of with so many international flights any more. haha  He is tired...we went for a quick supper at the pub near our home, we watched a 3 round KO boxing match and he then went to bed.  I expect he will be up in the middle of the night watching tv and trying to deal with some jet lag, but at least he was able to stay awake until nearly 9pm....let's see now...for his body it is now just after 4am tomorrow!  I should have forced him to stay awake for another couple of hours, but I didn't have the heart once I looked at his pale, exhausted face.  He is brimming over with stories of his adventures and will try to give a more coherent presentation tomorrow.

2.  I am going to have to close my window overnight.  The lagoon or lake or whatever exactly is across the street from us in the park has developed a case of a bit too much algae in this very dry spring season.  The odor coming off it is more than I can bear.  Yikes....our tap water smells just as sulphuric since Buffalo Pound Lake, the source of tap water for ourselves and surrounding area, is very low this year and the stinky wee algae have taken over what little water is left.  Sounds like we will be under a boil water advisory by tomorrow.

3.  Found out at lunch today that one of the ministers whose congregation shares our church space,  who meets each week for staff meeting with my husband, is actually his 3rd cousin!  The cousin I had lunch with today is a super family history buff, geneology charts up the wazoo and she made the connection a few years ago.  My husband will be able to re-introduce himself to Mitchell and his husband this coming Sunday morning!  Mitchell doesn't yet know the connection and will have a surprise. hahaha  What a teeny tiny world it is!

4.  I am very happy my husband is home again, although I am leaving him for a few hours tomorrow to have lunch and an art gallery tour with a friend...hohoho, here I go....again with the lunch out! So far this week I have eaten exactly 2 meals at home!!! Aiii yiiii....that is going to have to change....after tomorrow, I promise.

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