Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Day, Mama

I am urping and burping tonight after a fat laden chicken cesar salad for dinner: wow, not only a bit too much dressing on the salad, (unusual at this particular restaurant) but the chicken strips came slathered in delicious but fatty and "carby" mamais sauce.  Yikes!!  The garlic toast was white Texas cut bread....o my husband pulled all the allergy producing corn niblets out of his own dinner and proudly presented them to me to eat. Ack!!  So, I have been working out for the past hour trying to wear off some of the bad, bad, bad foods I ingested this evening.  Ack! again.....  Why does the addition of so much fat make everything taste SOOO good??? Why? Why? Why???? Ack! in triplicate....

My nicer than nice Mothers' Day was capped off a few minutes ago by a most unexpected email from The Son down in New York.  It is rare to hear from him on "social nicety" occasions when he is between girlfriends who remind him of such I think about it, his ex is in New York right now and I am betting she spent some time with him today and told him to contact his mother. hahaha Yup, I am placing bets on that scenario.  Considering all that has gone on between them over the past few years it is galling to have to be grateful to her for having my own son contact me. hahaha A lot of you readers who know what has gone on will appreciate my struggle to be as grateful as I should be if she is indeed responsible for my son's consideration today. haha

Church was fun too.  Apparently they have a fairly new tradtion there of the women wearing hats of all kinds for Mothers' Day.  One of the ladies donates five dollars to the church for every person that wears a hat.  This year she was prepared with a bag filled with pretty flower and ribbon arrangements to pin into the hair of people like myself who are unaware of this tradition and arrived sans hats of any kind.  It was a lot more fun than it sounds.  All of us looked equally silly/pretty, depending on your point of view and everyone went along with the fun.  My husband got into the act by wearing his felt fedora before and after the service.  We were also handed tambourines, maracas, rhythm sticks and what have you as we entered the church and we all beat, shook and flailed happily away on them during the final hymn: To God be the Glory.  They are a crazy, happy bunch and I think we are going to enjoy our new parish.

We spent the afternoon at the Synod office photocopying passports, downloading final schedules for my husband's trip and sending out emails that need to be done before he leaves the diocese, printing off a couple of pages of photos of our townhouse for me to take to show my parents next week, collecting the remaining paperwork that needs to accompany my husband on his trek around the globe.  Now I am doing a final load of laundry and ironing so he can complete his packing.  He is presently setting up a time zone chart so he knows when to take his malaria meds for the next couple of weeks. He has dutifully contacted all the family members.  So much to do and so little time, yet it is all coming together.  He has been too busy with work in general to put in the time to research fully his entire journey the way he would have liked to, the way he usually does, but sometimes life is like that.  I suspect he feels rather unprepared this time around.  His last trip overseas was to India and the amount of research he did before going was pretty intense.  

So, time to go and phone my own mom for Mothers Day.  I sent her a really nice card with Baltimore Orioles on the front. She loves birds.  Dad's card for next month's Fathers' Day is packed and ready to go with me next weekend.  Then, off to do the last batch of my husband's ironing.  Up early tomorrow as usual so that I can drop him off at the Synod office, from which the Bishop's Chaplain will take them to the airport for the first leg of their very long flight.  I doubt I will accomplish much around here tomorrow as I will be emotionally exhausted from the preparation and from contemplating that my husband is going to Africa....for me, non-traveller that I might as well be the moon.  Once I have recovered I have a lot of people to see before I go on my own little jaunt.  It is going to be a busy few weeks on both sides of the ocean.

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