Friday, May 1, 2015

Having Fun Having Company

Last night was so much fun!  We invited the chief financial officer and her husband over for dinner.  They are Serbian and he in particular has a fantastic sense of humour.  They are full of life and fun.  They emigrated about fifteen years ago and have lived in several places in our big country, but seem quite happy right here in Regina.

I am so glad I remembered how much they enjoy garlic and I roasted a full head to add to the dinner.  It disappeared in record time from the serving plate.  I modified the pistachio bake salmon recipe we so enjoyed at other friends' a few weeks ago, changed it to almonds and added some freshly minced ginger to the mustard and maple syrup.  That went over well.  Sometimes I just forget how easy it is to make a simple meal taste wonderful with so little effort.  I excell at "bland" when it comes to Canadian food, that is for sure. When I cook for just ourselves all creativity deserts me!

My husband had yesterday and has today off work.  He got his article written yesterday for our Anglican provincial paper and entertained our guests with drinks and jokes while I completed the dinner preparations.  Right now he is watching a science fiction movie after working this morning on his sermon for Sunday and getting some more work done for his home office set up.  This afternoon it is back to more organizing in the basement.  Fortunately for him, he is so completely DISorganized most of the time that he will be able to fill days and days with "moving in" over the next year or so. hahahaha  It will make him feel like he is accomplishing something on his days off and it keeps him out of my way if I have work to do, teehee.

Sunday afternoon we may be having more company, from Moose Jaw this time and they will be bringing their two little Westie dogs with them.  The one poor little guy has diabetes and is on insulin.  O baby, I understand completely!!!  I haven't seen him since his diagnosis.  His people take wonderful care of him.  Hope they are able to come, but if not, another time. They are as busy as we are.

Next week, days off have been rearranged to accommodate taking our car into Moose Jaw for new tires, brake work and some other tune ups at Panda Tire.  I suppose we will have to find a place here in Regina to have our car looked after, but we always got great service there when we lived in Moose Jaw and they have made us their usual good deal on new tires.  I am so grateful my husband is willing to do this before I have to drive to Calgary later this month.  We will find out if the old thing is still sufficiently road worthy to get me there and back!  O how we need a new vehicle....but, my idealistic husband and his o so cheapskate wife believe in driving vehicles until there is no drive left in them, or until they become so decrepit on the outside as to be a complete embarrassment.

The sun is shining again today.  This morning I got a lot of grocery shopping done and accrued an amazing number of PC points to use later on.  That last big shop before pay day that seems to happen each month is when I cash in my points and save, save, save.  Thank you PC points~this is my first venture with any such thing apart from Air Miles and it has been a good experiment.  Got to the bank this morning as well.  Got the massive pile of dishes from last night out of the soaking sink and all cleaned and sterilized and put away.

It has been a great day thus far, with more good things to come.

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