Thursday, May 14, 2015

iPad in Africa

I am laughing again today.  My husband, who has been so good in times past about not worrying about our communication while we are apart, is having a wonderful time with the iPad over in Tanzania. hahaha  He has now emailed a half dozen times since yesterday and those are only the few that got through! hahahaha  He must have spent half the night last night sending emails.  At least the congregation that presented us with the iPad in our last parish can rest easy that it is certainly being used and used often, particularly in the past couple of days. hahaha

What is so hilarious is that he had a chance to go shopping yesterday afternoon before he had to return to the hotel for the evening.  If you know him you can guess instantly what his only two purchases were: yup, cashews and TEA!!  O dear Father in Heaven, can you help that man to stop buying so much tea?!!??  We have 2 cupboards full of it all ready.  Mind you, he does drink it by the potful every day and none of it goes to waste or has a chance to get stale.  When he finds a couple of blends he isn't as thrilled with he just uses them to blend his own and is quite happy most of the time with the results.  

TEA!  He flies nearly half way around the world, to flamin' AFRICA for pete's sake, gets an unexpected chance to do some local shopping and he buys more TEA! hahahahaha  What a hoot!


bullwinkle said...

So, what I garner from this is; you don't want me to bring back any more
ocha, next time I am in Japan? ;)

Susan said...

You are welcome to bring back as much ocha as you like BUT if you go to Japan with my husband, HE is not allowed to bring any more back!! hohoho!! HE has to buy something else! (Now if you were to take pity on him and YOU buy him some, that is okay...)