Friday, May 1, 2015

Killing Me With Kindness

This afternoon ny dear green haired neighbour next door brought us about a third of a cake she made yesterday.  She said they have been wolfing it down so quickly it isn't safe to eat any more or they will make themselves ill. hahaha

The cake is beautiful: a moist home made chocolate bundt style covered in butter cream and then covered again in white fondant and decorated with multi coloured fondant circles and squares. Visiually it is a masterpiece and the cake tastes absolultely delicious.  

I sliced myself the small piece I am allowed to have and took off all but about a teaspoon of the butter cream and fondant.  Yum!!

However, exactly one hour after consuming it I began to feel dreadful: dizzy, vaguely nauseous and unable to keep my balance very well.  Uh oh.....not good.  I sat down rather quickly as it came on so suddenly, but was close enough to my test kit to test my blood.  Hmmm....I had a good count pre and post prandial around lunch but expected it to have taken a sudden spike post cake consumption as I felt so lousy. number was less than a point rise despite all that sugar.  I was so light headed I had to lay down for a half hour.  2 hours after ingesting the cake I tested again and the number was down a full half point from the 1 hour spike test.  In other words there was nothing at all abnormal about my blood sugar.

My husband emerged from his "I GOTTA get this office put together TODAY, ABSOLUTELY!!" remaining move in project long enough to remind me that the last time I had a teensy piece of cake I had this same type of reaction.  Hmmm....once again it appears I have some other kind of sensitivity to refined sugar or one of the other ingredients in high sugar desserts, something other than a spike in blood sugar.  Hmmmmm.....

I tested sugars again pre and post prandial around dinner and all was in order. Whew!

Well, I think I will have no trouble remembering this reaction the next time some kind person unwittingly tempts me to make myself ill by eating some delicious concoction they have very kindly and considerately given to us to enjoy.  I will leave any future such gifts for my husband to munch on and have myself 5 whole wheat crackers and a slice of low fat, lower sodium Swiss cheese!!

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chris e. said...

It's not entirely a numbers game. Some people feel a slight drop more than others; could be the food ingested has an effect on the feeling. At least cake is relatively easy to avoid!