Friday, May 15, 2015

More from Dell

Woke up before dawn this morning (5:20) AM 8:30 PM your time ..not sure if you will get this before you leave for Calgary tomorrow .....  anyway I had been hoping to see the stars since I have never seen them in this southern half of the globe.   I walked down to what I call the picnic pier and although there were a few clouds I was able to see at least some stars .  Not sure if the faint outline in the south was the famous southern cross or not.   I apologized for disturbing  the young security guard who must have been dozing at one of the picnic tables.  The morning was warm but I wore my long sleeved shirt and mosquito scarf even though I am yet to even see a mosquito. I could hear the water (hey this is the indian ocean!) sloshing under the pier the lights and music that had been full on at a hotel a bit around the bay last night at 11:30 were off. The breeze was quite a bit warmer and much more humid than it was the last time I did a bit of stargazing over the much chiller waters of Spray Lake last fall when Doug G and I were overnight mountain scrambling in   Kananaskis.  Indeed I was just starting to perspire  as I went back up the stairs to my air conditioned room.   Did I mention that it was humid? I think they may have switched off the temperature option on the room air conditioner because even if I set it at the highest option of 30 it seems to make this place so cold that I haven't been running it much.  I couldn't figure out why moisture began to condense and started to run down the walls and form droplets on the mirror.  It helped a bit yesterday when I opened drapes and window to let the sun shine in.   Then I asked the chambermaid about it and she said running the AC for a couple of hours straight should help.  when I said it made the room too cold she said then I could turn it off.   ...very logical girl! Did I tell you they come in every night to pull the drapes, turn down the bed and put the little slippers next to the turned down bed?  I feel a bit like an old fashioned colonial.  I won't try sending pictures now but have taken a few of the hotel it is really quite nice. I really wonder how it feels for the bishops and archdeacons who live by subsistence farming? Well it is nearly ten your time; I will send this now in case you want to take a copy to your folks.   I will probably be a bit tired today from the shorter sleep but it was worth it.  Our time in Dar is half over just as I am getting very comfortable here. 

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