Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Achy Breaky Everything........

When I left Calgary ten days ago my mother had full blown symptoms of a wicked cold.  Over the past four days I have developed so many aches and pains I am wondering if it is a similar virus in a slightly different form.  

On my way to lunch at the art gallery last Thursday I had to make a quick side step when a fellow walking in front of me on the sidwalk stumbled and nearly fell back into me.  In the process I stubbed a little toe on a steel construction sign sitting near the curb and if I haven't broken it, it is certainly badly bruised.  It was a very painful ten block walk home after lunch.  Whether that has triggered all the subsequent body pain or whether I have a virus I don't know, but I wish it would go away.

By Thursday evening my leg muscles were so sore, fiery sore, I could hardly do my exercises after dinner. By Friday my arms were aching so badly I could barely lift them over my head and certainly wasn't able to do my arm exercises.  Going up and down the stairs here at home has been somewhat torturous and by last night even my scalp hurt to touch.  Nothing has changed this morning except for the addition of very stuffy sinuses and a scalp that hurts even when I am not touching it.

If this is some kind of viral infection I can only pray and hope it goes away soon.  Talk about inconvenient!!  Getting undressed for bed last night took nearly five minutes just to peel off my clothes.  How on earth to people with fibrymyalgia get through life???  I am quickly developing a new empathy for them, that is for sure! So, that is one good thing about this at least.

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