Monday, May 11, 2015

On His Way

After a brief stop at the store for camera batteries, my husband and his luggage were deposited at the office just after 8am on this "perfect weather for travelling" day.  I felt sad driving him over there.  Being a work widow/er is difficult for anyone, but there is something particularly unsettling when a spouse is going to work for a time half way around the world.  In a couple of hours he will be soaring overhead in a plane to begin a rather long journey.  A happy event is an update that came from the airline last night to let him know the layover in Dubai has been shortened by over 2 hours.  That is a nice treat!  He was able to let his pick up in Africa know immediately and new arrangements were made.  This is the JOY of electronic media. I will spend the morning at home, until I know his flight has left and he is safely on it, before I spread my own wings and fly around here for the week!

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