Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Very Own Money Changers in the Temple

The 3 church families who meet in our facility each week had a combined garage sale today.  It is cold and miserable, frost warning for overnight, so all the tables of sale items were moved inside the large foyer and into our worship space for the duration of the sale.

What a hoot!!  There was junk and stuff and more stuff and more junk all over the place.  What a lot of fun we had meeting folk from the other churches, encouraging our own parishioners that all their work to put this on has been worth it, visiting all manner of folk from the community.  OF COURSE there was a wee bit of shopping on our part as well.

From the United Church my husband purchased a brand new, never used, Eddy Bauer headlamp to use on his next outdoor excursion, as well as an old storage cabinet from our own church's Sunday School supply that is no longer being used.  The cabinet is just the right size to fit through our back door and down the basement steps.  Finally we have a reasonably sized food storage cabinet down there that has doors on it.  It cost a whopping five dollars! haha One of our parishioners loaded it into his truck and drove it to our place because it was just a smidgen too large to fit into the back seat of our car.

I was able to purchase a very nice tote bag that will be wonderful for rolling up clothes when travelling.  It is a good size for carry on should I be flying anywhere in the near future and is more easily managed than my hard cased suitcases for short trips in the car.  It is in excellent condition. The price sticker had fallen off so I donated five dollars to our parish for that, a couple of dollars for books, fifty cents for a small, pottery, salad style bowl by one of my favourite formerly local potters (Jeff Martin who is now in Ontario) went to the Lutherans, as well as three dollars for a very pretty purse sized kleenex holder...all mauve cotton and pretty!  My other purchase was two oriental silk wall hangings, like new, small and colorful to hang on the one bare wall I have left in our living room.  It has been so obviously bare but the door into the front coat room opens onto that wall, so to hang any framed art there that sticks out at all and could come into contact with that door when it opens is asking for shattered glass or damaged oil paintings.  We just put them up and wow, they look amazing.  They are starched and ironed beautifully. My husband put them up with some double sided tape he brought from Japan that doesn't stick to the paint on the wall.

(I was touched by the concern of our parishioners who realized the violent home invasion in our complex last week happened just across the parking lot and who tried in vain to reach me because they don't have the correct phone number for our home.  Now that I know about the error in the records, I can fix it at the church tomorrow.)

Speaking of my husband, he is all over his jet lag all ready...thank you melatonin...and is busy sorting out his travel receipts this afternoon.  A friend from Moose Jaw is dropping in later today for tea and a visit.  Tomorrow is church and some serious tv watching and then life goes back to "normal" when my husband returns to work on Monday.  I get to spend a whole 2 weeks with him here before his next out of town committment...5 days away at Provincial Synod.  He is gone to camp for a week in July and then for August holidays I get him all to myself for 3 out of 4 weeks.  Week 4 is the annual fellow clergy and friends canoe trip and they are going for a longer period of time this year.  I am glad they get to do that. I am thinking about where I want to go during that time....hmmmm....maybe just stay home and do some day trips that are of interest to myself but not to my husband.  Lots of little towns I would like to visit...worth considering.

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