Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Safely in Far as I Know!

For the past two days I have been tracking my husband's flights overseas.  That is certainly one joy of the internet: being able to find out if flights are on time and if they have landed safely at their destination points. This is assuming of course that my husband and the Bishop are actually ON the flights. hohoho!!

The flight plans have read like a near miracle.  As I was scanning the lists of departures and arrivals for Pearson, Heathrow, Dubai and Julius Nyerere airports, trying not to freak out as the Cancelled and Delayed flights continued to pop up, I was amazed that out of all those stops, all their plane changes and lay overs, the sum total of my guys' delays amounted to fifteen minutes.  FIFTEEN MINUTES!!  That is all!!  It seems an unheard of positive experience for international flights involving the kind of convoluted routes and times these fellows ended up with in their attempts to save money for the Diocese.  I am ecstatic for them.  Just hoping they were able to rent some sleeping space at Heathrow for their twelve hour lay over there.  I cannot imagine being trapped for that many hours in the shopping mecca that is Heathrow. husband is no shopper and hates crowds.

So, if they made all their connections, they should now be at their hotel and ready to start the conference this evening.  I will be excited to hear which other international Bishops they meet and what their impressions of the country least what little of it they will be able to see.  That is the downside of travelling internationally for big conferences.  Often there is simply no time to actually sight see. But at least my husband can now add Africa to his list of travel destinations.  He has had to wait so many years to fulfill any dreams of international travel, but at last it is happening.

I doubt I will hear from him until he returns to England next week.  One good thing we learned over years of being separated for work back in the days before such great electronic communication options, is that we are not joined at the hip.  We are not frantic if a few days or a week goes by without hearing from each other.  We do not require constant daily contact via iphones and ipads and on and on.  If we were in contact as often as many of the other couples we know we would both lose our minds....aiii yiii...the level of insecurity this age of technology has promoted among people in marriage or other close relationships is baffling to me.  How many times a day does a couple need to be in touch?  Can no thought be saved until later in the day when there is time to actually sit down and discuss things?  Have we become so completely forgetful or insecure or excited by our own often inane thoughts that we can't wait even an hour or two to share them?  Yikes...I admit, I don't get it!!

I am having a lovely time on my own, accomplishing little of value so far, but enjoying myself nonetheless.  Last night I hopped in the car and drove to Moose Jaw for supper with a friend.  That was fun and running into some people from the church there while we were dining added even more fun to the event.  Today I am sitting here admiring my own handiwork from the window frame and pane cleaning I did yesterday.  Of course, OF COURSE, today it is raining and some of my good work will be wiped out all ready, but at least it is better than peering through the muck that was on the door windows since we moved in.  I washed down the doors as well.  I think there were a couple of years of accummulated dirt and grime all over them. Yucko!!  I will take a bag of things to the thrift store later this morning and pick up a couple of items at the grocery store.  Must be careful not to get much in the way of any more fresh veggies as I will be leaving for Calgary in a few more days.  Tomorrow is the staff and "travel widows" lunch at the Synod office and Friday I am getting together with my husband's cousin.  Guess I will be doing my laundry and such on Saturday and packing up to leave.  So glad I sheduled in a day of visits in Olds next week.  It will give my family and I a break from each other for a day before I return home.

This morning I received emails and photos from people I know in Romania. They are from Winnipeg and work with the poorest of the poor in Romania.  O my...remember my previous complaining emails about the state of rentals in my city here?  Well, that is the last of the complaints.  Compared to the Romanians these people work with I live in a palace.  Of course, thinking about the world in general, I have always known this, but to see the photos taken just yesterday in the Romanian reality of poverty, it drives home to me my incredibly blessed life.  I know where our missions money is going to go this month.


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