Saturday, May 16, 2015

So Beautiful Outside This Evening and Yet.....

It is nearly 10pm.  I have just been outside and it is lovely and warm out there after some strong winds and rain just before dinner.  It is the kind of night, after a grey day, that makes it difficult to make yourself come inside again to go to bed.

And yet....the forecast for tomorrow afternoon here is SNOW!  Probably not a lot of snow, but heavy wet spring snow is scheduled to fall.  Drat!  The northern and central part of the province is under a frost warning for overnight, so I can imagine a lot of all ready planted spring flowers will be sporting quite an array of sheets, terry towels and heavy plastic covers tonight so they aren't frost-killed by morning.

I will have to check the road report in the morning as I am going to be driving into the snow at some point on my journey as it travels from the south west.  It appears at present that if I can get through the first 3 hours of the trip there will be no more snow to contend with.  The weather system appears to be arcing northward from the south west corner, up and around to just touch the highway I will be on as I head west,  dipping down again just east of here to pummel the south eastern part of the province with freezing rain and snow.  If the northern tip of the arc doesn't go below freezing overnight I will still be able to leave fairly early in the morning without worrying about skating onto the ice.  My new tires are "all weathers" and the studded tires from winter are in the basement.  If I do come across any ice I am going to have to remember that and slow right down!!

Aaaah, Victoria Day long weekend on the prairies...people out here have given up trying to travel and camp on this first long weekend of the spring after being snowed out of their campgrounds one too many times.  At this point you can almost count on bad weather Victoria Day weekend...the specifics of the weather forecast may change daily, but generally speaking you can pretty much know it isn't going to be very nice!

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