Thursday, May 28, 2015

Surviving a Serbian Feast

Last night I had the most tasty, most delicious, most delectable dinner that was prepared by our Serbian financial officer.  O my, it was wonderful.

However....although I knew I would have to survive a lot of sodium, I didn't realize I would have to survive a huge plate of food that consisted of meat, meat and more meat!  Other than some onions and a couple of thin leaves of cabbage, there was nary a veggie to be found.

The main dish was diced lamb liver with onions.  It was fabulous but contained nearly twice the amount of protein in my serving that I am allowed to have....of course I ate the whole thing anyway because it tasted just...just....mmmwwwaaaahhh! FANTASTIC!

There were two side dishes: a piece of fried "lamb internal organ of some kind" and 2 small cabbage rolls stuffed with....drum roll....wait for it....MEAT!! In this case it was a combination of ground lamb and beef.  Again, two wonderful dishes, but by the time I inhaled both of them on top of the diced lamb I think I consumed approximately 4 or 5 times the amount of protein I should have at one sitting.

I would like to say "no regrets", but I can't.

It was an early dinner and I didn't go to bed until around midnight, but even that many hours after dinner I still felt like a stuffed sausage.  Upon awakening this morning...same feeling....aiii yiiiii.....  Next time I dine with my dear Serbian friend I am going to have to ask her to allow me to fill my own plate.  She is incredibly generous with her portion sizes and I am feeling like I myself am just one large lamb portion this morning!!

O darned good, but I can't let myself do this again....EVER!!

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