Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tingley Tummy

In less than 2 hours my husband will be performing his first Eucharist in our new parish.  We will be meeting the rest of the congregation who were not present at last Friday's shindig.  If the vestry members and spouses are representative of the main body of believers there we are in good shape.  BUT my tummy is tingling none the less.  It is always stressful for the spouse in a  new parish as you don't know what the congregation's expectations are of you.  There is always at least one of them who will be more than happy and willing, eager even, to share what he or she sees are your major deficiencies, either in ministry, personality or wardrobe.  People are just people, forgiven by the Lord or not, and so sometimes things are said that leave a minister's spouse wondering how he or she got his or her self into this situation in the first place.  Seriously, I am sure it will be a good morning and that all will go well.....IF I can keep my OWN mouth shut and my opinions to my OWN self!! Yes, as far as being too open and honest in such situations, I am the worst offender of all, I admit it.

In other news, yesterday was a wonderful day on my own while my husband had a day of work to accomplish.  I decided to walk the kilometer or so to the downtown shopping mall as I had a haircut scheduled there in the afternoon.  I was ready really early, so walked down there really early so I could enjoy my favourite salad and chicken shwarma lunch.  O yum, it is always so good and the pickled turnip strips are fantastic.

When lunch was over I realized I had over 2 hours to fill until my hair appointment, so I supposed I would have to do an awful lot of window shopping.  As I wandered about I could see through the main entrance windows that it was raining outside, after such a lovely warm walk to get there.  Well, what does one do in such a situation but shop seriously for a new rain coat, right?  I had hoped to wait on that until my upcoming shopping trip with my husband's cousin, but the weather dictated otherwise. Both my rain coat and windbreaker back at the suite are too big for me and needed to be replaced anyway, so a half price sale at one of the stores convinced me to purchase both of them.  So glad I did as the hood on the rain coat protected my freshly "done" hair from the cold water pouring out of the sky.  So now I have 2 more used coats to donate to the thrift store, both in excellent, nearly new condition.  I am very easy on clothes, that is for sure.

The other way my time was pleasantly filled was by watching a series of dance troupes performing on a large stage set up in the main concourse of the mall.  Regina is having their annual Mosaic exhibition in the coming week and performing groups representing several different nations and cultures brought their dancers to perform at the mall to advertise the event.  

Mosaic is a great time: foods and entertainment provided by all manner of international communities, a real glut of fun foreign culture for a 3 day extravagaza.  It starts on Monday and isn't that far from our place so will probably take in a day of the event.

At the mall I enjoyed the Chinese community doing interpretive dance, some teeny tiny polka dancers from the Ukrainian community, some beautiful East Indian dancing, some Jamaican kids that just rocked the place and my favourite of the afternoon: a wonderful drum and dancing performance by some of the local First Nation kids.  There was a 10 year old boy who stole the show, he was that good.  Apparently he has an award winning dad in the world of native dancing and he is following in his father's footsteps.  Included in that group was a tiny fellow of about 4 years of age, massive headdress and back hoop feathers, fully beaded out and waving eagle feathers as he gazed around at the crowd, so distracted that he mostly forgot to dance at all, just looked happily about with a huge smile taking up residence across his entire face. SO CUTE!!!  The drummers were excellent and ranged in age from their leader in his 40's or so down to 3 tykes well under the age of 10 years.  They were inspiring and I wanted to get up on stage and drum with them.  It all made for an entertaining afternoon.

While I was eating my lunch I looked around the mall at all the people and the stores and the food booths and thought about how isolated I have been for a few years from all that is familiar to me.  An overwhelming sense of gratitude filled me from hairline to tippy toes and I could only thank the Lord for this blessing of being in a city again.  It is nearly overwhelming and I am humbled to be allowed to be in a place that fulfills me this much.  How long it will last I don't know, but I am eternally grateful to be here for as long as it does. Now, if I could just import all the people from the churches in our last parish, life would be perfect indeed.

A good day, a good weekend.  New friends to make this morning and then old friends coming to visit this afternoon.  It is all good.


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chris e. said...

Three cheers for 'all that is familiar!' And a HUGE thank you to Jesus!