Monday, May 4, 2015

Tired but Happy and Grateful but Crabby

Yesterday was an excellent day in every way.  Church went incredibly well.  We meet apparently at the same time as the Lutheran congregation meets in the other half of the building....2 lovely chapels inside and people milling everywhere.  As soon as our service ended the United church minister took over our space to set up for his congregation's service while we piled downstairs for a coffee and cake welcome to our new church home.  Before and after service the narthex was a scene of controlled chaos as all 3 church groups were having fundraising activities: a silent auction for the Lutheran church, penny carnival for the Uniteds and a table of our own folk selling tickets to our annual lobster dinner...that,  sadly, this year happens while my husband and I are both away.  O well....

There are 3 offices for the 3 ministers, a board room for meetings and counselling sessions, several offices for a group of psychologists who rent space, 2 kitchens and eating is a crazy place, vibrant with life.  In fact the space is so well used by community groups that there are times when we can't utilize our own space for our own events.  It is one busy and happy venue.

This congregation is just large enough and has sufficient leadership teams to release my husband to do only priestly duties.  It is quite a change for him to be surrounded by worship teams who pick the music, fundraising organizers who don't need his input at all as they are so well organized and efficient, people who have been hired to clean the building regularly and do all the snow removal even at the odd time that nothing is happening in the building, two office managers who field the phone calls and organize his schedule for the two days a week he is at the church and a wonderful full time deacon who is a great help to him.  She is recently retired from her secular job and so is available at all times and most eager to help.  For myself, I was invited to sit near the piano and join the other singers, like an unofficial choir helping the rest of the congregation to find their comfort level with the singing.

My concern about coping with all this was unfounded.  At coffee time I was not left sitting alone, left out of all the little groups of women who have known each other for years.  I was surrounded by these women who were making sure I had enough to eat, who were eager to both talk and listen and to include me in all the conversations.  I was well treated at coffee hour in our former parish and am delighted that seems to be going to continue here.

In the afternoon we had company and that was a great time as well.  There are certain people who have a real gift for visiting and this couple falls into that category of folk.  The afternoon flew by as we talked about everything from computers to camera equipment to deck building and cement pouring to art to potholes in the streets.

Speaking of potholes, the city of Regina announced recently that they were going to utilize all hours of the day and night this spring to fix as many of the streets as possible.  They are true to their word.  It is 3am at the moment and since 1:30am I have been listening to the dulcet tones of pile drivers, hot tar heaters and big engines as the street directly below my bedroom window is being repaired.  

Hence the subject line for this blog: I am tired from lack of sleep, but happy the road is being repaired; grateful the city is doing what it said it would do, but knowing I am going to be intensely crabby for most of the day from the exhaustion of no sleep overnight. I think I will settle for a laundry day and not do much else but rest when I need to.  Hopefully my husband has been able to get back to sleep as he has a very busy week and needs as much rest as he can get to manage all that is going on.  

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