Thursday, May 28, 2015

When It Feels Like Your Heart Has Momentarily Stopped Beating!

When my husband travels I am somewhat fanatical about checking airport arrivals and departures so that I can track the planes he is supposed to be on.

He is coming home from Heathrow, via Pearson, this evening so I dutifully flipped on my computer this morning to check the flights.  According to the schedule he gave me before he left, he should have been on an Air Canada flight at 12:05pm from London to Toronto.

I typed in the terminal number, but his flight was not listed.  It wasn't listed as on time, delayed, in the air, waiting, pending, wasn't listed at all.  In fact not one flight to Toronto was listed at that terminal.  So far no panic.  The flight number was probably the same but the terminal may have changed.  I checked all 6 terminals and there was no record whatsoever of his flight.  The only flight to Toronto I could find wasn't leaving London until what would be 1am tomorrow here on the prairies.

Okay, I confess:  I thought my heart had stopped.  Just for a few seconds, but long enough to experience full blown panic, I sat and stared at the screen in disbelief.  I am not usually a Nervous Nelly about my husband's travels other than worrying his bad memory will result in him losing important paperwork or belongings, but I was really scared when I couldn't find his flight nor anything resembling his flight today.

After that few seconds, reason kicked in and I looked up the Arrivals at Pearson in Toronto.  There was his flight listed as in the air and approximately 15 minutes delayed.  Whew!!

That is when I realized the depth of my momentary panic:  I fell back in my chair and started to sob!  Aiii yiiii...the old lady is losing it folks!  You can bet that between finishing my housework and going out for lunch with relatives I will be checking his flight status every half hour!!! Today, apparently, "Nervous" and "Nelly" are my middle names!

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