Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zonked out....and Also Thinking How Grateful I am for CAA!!

Wow...what an unusual day for me!  This afternoon, after a morning of lazing about in my jams and catching up on some recorded tv shows, I had a NAP!!!

I never nap during the day....never, ever, unless I am extremely ill or otherwise physically incapacitated.  After lunch though this week's long drives and the natural stresses that accompany caring for elderly parents caught up with me and by 2pm I couldn't fight it any more.  I slept for an entire hour!

Fortunately for me, shortly after I awakened with that horrible mid day nap grogginess, (Do YOU get that when you nap during the day?  If you do I am so sorry because it is awful!), the phone rang and it was my good friend Patty.  We had a great chat and that snapped me out of the fuzziness.  As we hung up she was about to go and have her own nap.  Well, we both had a busy week, the sky is grey and overcast, the air is muggy and humid today and it is simply a wonderful day for sleeping and not getting much done.

I haven't even washed my lunch dishes yet and it is 4:30pm.  Even supper is a "cheat" tonight.  Other than making a salad, I am eating deli food and must confess I not only picked up a cabbage roll at the grocery store, I even bought a scoop of mashed potatoes so I won't have to peel and cook tonight here at home.  Now THAT is LAZY!!  Pre-mashed, store bought potatoes from the deli...even scooped and shaped into a nice little round mound....o dear......

Maybe I am coming down with my mom's cold.

Or maybe I should just get real and admit I am old and get tired more easily than I used to. is just the weather....right?  Of course right!!!  It will be a perfect evening for playing video games....the computer is right beside the bed, so when I can't stay awake I can just slide off the chair onto the mattress.  Pretty cool......maybe I could haul the microwave in here onto the desk and put my cabbage roll and potatoes on a plate inside until I am ready to heat them and eat them...and THEN I could slide off the chair onto the mattress for the night.  Yeah...that sounds really really good!!

O, did I mention that I spent my final evening in Calgary waiting up until 11pm for the CAA truck to come so I could get my keys out of the ignition after I locked them in the car??? Duh!!  I was cleaning the windshield for the next day's return home and forgot to remove them. So grateful they could come within an hour and the fellows always have such a great attitude about helping stupid, forgetful old women. Also grateful I discovered it the same night I did it and not the next morning as I was racing to leave for home. YAY CAA!!!

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