Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Delightful Evening Was Had By All

Last night's visit with our new British friends was great fun!  Mark and Gillian are a very sensitive pastoral couple and I think they will end up ministering as much to the rest of us as we will be able to minister to them during their 2 week stay.  What fun we had together, talking and eating and praying.  It was very refreshing for my husband and I to spend an entire evening with them.

In the afternoon my husband took them to the provincial museum while I made a salmon dinner with a chef's style salad.  Torreon de Parades 2010 merlot paired very well with the dilled salmon.  Over dinner we laughed and talked and shared our ministry experiences.  After dinner we had a prayer time where God spoke of his interest in taking care of us and our parishes during times of the priest's absence.  As it turns out, Mark is going to be able to be the preacher for my husband's induction into our parish next week.  

Gill brought a gift for our new parish: a nativity scene knit by the women of her parish in the Diocese of Litchfield.  The human figures are just under a foot each in height and they are so detailed in their garments and faces.  Each of the 3 magi are carring the appropriately decorated boxes for their gifts.  There are lambs and donkeys and an angel.  It is just lovely and will be so easy for the kids to carry the figures to the manger scene over the Advent and Christmas seasons.  I am very impressed with the whole set.  How kind to bring all that over to us here.

My husband leaves tomorrow for Provincial Synod.  I still don't know if he has to take our car or not.  If not I have a ton of plans for the next 5 days; if so, well, I am going to have to do some improvising on the transportation....OR MAYBE, just MAYBE, I should do a lot more staying home and resting....eeek, what fun is that, right???

I began upping my intake of protein at dinner last night and have added a scrambled egg into my breakfast fare as of this morning.  We will see what happens with all these symptoms over the next 3 to 5 months.  5 months from now will be my next detailed lab work and I am hoping for a change in the numbers that is positive and encouraging.  If I could at least eliminate the muscle and joint pain that would be amazing enough!!  No, it isn't arthritis pain...that I am familiar with and it is nothing like what I have been experiencing in recent months.  So, I am hopeful!

Off to tackle all those dishes I was too tired to face last night after driving our company back to the Bishop's house where they spent the night.  There is ironing to be done so that my husband has enough proper clergy gear to take to Synod tomorrow.  It will be a fairly busy day just at home, but I will take time this afternoon to take a letter to the post box and pick up some fresh raspberries from the store...maybe some blackberries as well.  I have discovered a huge liking for both this summer, for the first time in my life. Perhaps it is because the berries are big and juicy this time of year, not the mushy wee bits of things that will come in later in the summer. The berries currently available are a fabulous addition to the kind of rice pudding it is safe for me to eat.  YUMMY!!

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