Monday, June 15, 2015

A Perfect Spring Day Today

Today is my idea of the perfect spring day.  The temperature is not to rise above +20C, the sun is out and some small clouds are scudding across the sky, there is a mild breeze instead of gale force winds and last night there were sufficient raindrops around midnight or so to dampen down the dust.  I went shopping with no jacket and a short sleeved blouse without being too chilly or too hot.  I wish all spring and summer days could be like this one.

Yesterday afternoon I braved stiff winds to go outside our front door and start wiping up the many caterpillar cocoons attached to the wooden railings.  O my, what a mess of bugs!!  I did my best, knowing that by this afternoon there will likely be more to remove.  About the time I thought I was finished I happened to look over at the drain pipe coming down from the second story of the building and realized that tucked in against it, where it meets every siding board and on both sides of the pipe, there are more cocoons.  Yikes!  I can't reach more than those between the bottom and the first 5 feet up, so how I am going to get rid of those I have no idea.  Our building happens to be closest to a group of large trees that, although they have been banded, are showing some signs of caterpillar infestation, likely from the moths that flew over there this spring from our very building! YUCK!  I detest caterpillars, particularly in such vast numbers.  They are all over my mailbox and front step, so getting the mail is quite a performance as I jig about trying to keep them from falling on me from the overhang above the front step and keep myself from stepping on them.  The door opens the wrong way for me to just open it briefly and reach into the mail box.  I have to step right outside.  EEK!!  In Kindersley rectory I battled myriad breeds of spiders. Here in Regina it is a battle with the blessed caterpillars.  I think they are known commonly as tent caterpillars and our complex seems to have one of the worst outbreaks in the city.  I haven't been able to discover yet if the maintenance crew here comes to wash the cocoons off the buildings or if I am on my own.  Somehow, looking over the places in general, I suspect I am on my own, but I will try to get some assistance.

At least now that water rationing is over and the hoses can run again the lawns are starting to green up and it is really quite pretty...other than the miserable cocoons and their inhabitants.  Again, EEK!!!

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