Monday, June 8, 2015

Any Self-Respecting Prairie.......

.....would have the decency to have a major thunderstorm brewing at the end of a day as hot as this one.  But it appears we will not have one out here where we sit still baking at 10pm in the windless evening.  Whew!!

All around our area of southern Saskatchewan temperature records were broken for this date.  It has been over sixty years since we recorded over +32 on this particular month and day.

A lovely plant on my deck sported wilting leaves and brown tipped purple petals by dinner time despite my soaking it down with water mid-afternoon.

We woke up this morning to an hour long power outage caused by a problem at a substation so our fan was not running during that time.  It set the tone for the rest of the day.  We spent part of the day in air conditioned stores and restaurants, (Caraway Grill, I LOVE YOU!!!  Fab, fab, fab Indian food!!!), which only made our townhouse seem all the more hot and airless when we arrived home.

The baked bassa fish dinner I planned for so carefully this evening ended up in the bottom of the refrigerator and we had stove top bacon and eggs and toast for dinner...far less heat without needing the oven on and far less time and energy consuming.  I will cook the fish early tomorrow morning and get the oven shut off for the day.  It can be warmed up on the stove top come evening.

Neither my husband nor myself thrive on hot days.  I am so glad it was his day off today. He spent many hours in the coolness of the basement getting shelves put up and unpacking the last of the dried foods, herbs and cleaning supplies.  If he has to face this kind of heat tomorrow, well, one day of it in the office will be sufficient for him to cope with this week. I will try to keep our place cool in the morning with a better orchestrated window opening and shutting arrangement than I had today.  I have to walk 4 blocks to the doctor after lunch and I sure do hope her offices are air conditioned!!

So, come on Regina...get yerself a thunderstorm going on.  We still desperately need the moisture and definitely need the cooling down as well.

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