Friday, June 26, 2015

Cute Kid

I just read the most hilarious tweet!  A Muslim woman tweeted about her mom's recent trip to the grocery store, dressed in her full Muslim garb, hijab and jilbab.  Apparently a small boy saw her and stared at her, continued to stare at her as he and his mom were also shopping. She wasn't thrown by the stares from a small boy as she has endured worse from adults.  However, in the check out line he finally screwed up his courage and spoke to her.  He said, "I love you Batman."
hahahahaha  HOW CUTE IS THAT???

It reminds me of when my son was about 3 and waiting in our local hospital's emergency clinic to see a doctor.  One of the doctors came out of surgery while we were waiting, still wearing his surgical blues: cap, gown and paper pointy toed booties.  My son stared at him, wide eyed and completely awestricken, pulled on my arm and in his best stage whisper he said, "Ooooh, look mommy...a giant Smurf!!"

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