Monday, June 29, 2015


Today we are being slammed by northern forest fires' smoke.  The slightly sweet smell has invaded every corner of our home, yard, is absolutely everywhere, turning the sun into a bright orange ball in the sky and creating a thick "fog" on the ground that makes it somewhat difficult to see clearly for more than a block in any direction. The city is filled up with it.  YUCKO!!  How I would love to shut the windows here against it and keep it out, but it is still too hot to do that.

Fortunately for me, the smoke is burning from "dry" fires.  There has been too little moisture in the north country this year so all the burning trees are pretty dry and being completely consumed by the flames. There is very little floating organic matter in the air as a result, so my asthma is not a problem and my throat isn't even sore today.  My eyes aren't itching and burning, so although it is rather unpleasant around here today, there is not presently a big health problem for myself.  I am grateful and I am praying for people who ARE being badly effected.

My husband and I purchased 2 fans at the hardware store today.  I have one going in my office and one downstairs.  My husband is so skilled at orienting them with the opened windows and the airless, closed window rooms so that we get maximum production from the fans.

I am not looking forward to dusting this townhouse once the temperatures drop in a few days time.  With the windows open so much and now the fans blowing everything about, a layer of dust is forming on absolutely everything in here. It can't be helped, it is just how it is during hot summers.  The forest fire smoke also deposits the teensiest bit of ash as well into the air, so the dust contains some larger particles than usual.  So very grateful for the dry fire and the resulting lack of organic matter as that is helping keep the dust particles fairly easy to remove later on this week.

My husband was craving sushi for lunch, so we went to a decent Korean/Japanese fusion restaurant.  My tempura was excellent but unfortunately the chicken karaage was badly done...tasty, but mostly batter, deep fried and similar to that horrible batter that is served in Canadian style chinese food restaurants around chicken balls and bits of shrimp. The batter was not correct for karaage and I think they forgot to put the chicken in!! But that is and learn what to order and what not to order in restaurants.  I bought some fresh chicken at the grocery later on and we will have an excellent home made chicken dish for dinner tonight.

Found the home goods store a young friend has registered her wedding gift list at, so purchased a couple of things there for her.  The prices are most reasonable there and I was pleased to know I have something she actually wants to have.  I love gift registries as they are so helpful.  There is nothing worse than discovering your thoughtfully chosen and usually expensive wedding gift has been regifted to someone else later on.

So, another good day...a smoky, stinky sort of day, but good nonetheless.   

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