Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Clappy Day...Fa La La La Etctera!

Today's beautifully hot, breezeless, summer day reminds me of a somewhat inane but relentlessly cheery ditty I used to sing at a teen church group many years ago:

It's a happy day and I thank God for the weather.
It's a happy day and I'm livin' it for my Lord.
It's a happy day and things are gonna get better,
'Cause I'm livin' each day by the promises in God's word.

haha Good memories of younger days!

Church was so much fun this morning.  My husband ended up coming home early yesterday due to heat stroke, so he rearranged a few computer cables down to the cool of the basement and set up a little old machine we still have.  He sat down there and got his sermon set up for today after a bit of rest, but this morning something went haywire when he went to wire it into the printer on the second floor and he lost the whole sermon.  Thankfully he is excellent at saying a prayer as he goes to the pulpit to preach and then "winging" it, hopefully under the direction of the Holy Spirit! haha  It went well today.  The Gospel reading was about Jesus healing the woman in a crowd who had been chronically ill for 12 years, because she reached out and touched his clothes, believing even that would heal her.  The passage about the healing of Jairus' young daughter was also included. (Mark 5: 21-43) In both cases the people were healed through touching or being touched by Jesus. My husband is attempting to encourage our somewhat discouraged church and our diocese that new growth, revitalization and the restoration of personal spiritual strength will only come from that direct relationship with Jesus and that even good things like trying harder and thinking positively are not the bottom line answer to revival in our lives or in our churches. It was well received.

At coffee the women surrounded me and told me that now that my husband has been inducted and declared his intention publicly to be their priest, they feel free to just be themselves with me and wow, they were VERY MUCH themselves and VERY REAL in their conversation. hahaha  However, it was a breath of fresh air to see who they honestly are as individuals and as a group.  I am going to be very happy in this group.

We had one little glitch during the announcement time:  my husband presented the church with the gift he was given by our British friends, the knit nativity scene.  As he pulled the figures out of a tote bag, one by one, to be admired by the congregation, he came to the end of what was in there and realized Baby Jesus had gone missing.  I raced out to the car to see if I had dropped him on the floor in there, but there was no Baby Jesus to be found.

Do you know how embarrassing it can be to LOSE Baby Jesus, even in 3 inch knit form?? hahaha Talk about being teased!  I am never going to live that one down.  As soon as we got home we started searching for him and it wasn't long before we "found the babe, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a".....pile of old leaves and spider webs down below our deck where I had apparently spilled him rather unceremoniously out of Mother Mary's arms as we left for church in our usual "WE ARE LATE AGAIN" hurry.  hahaha

I am grateful he was found so easily as I had diverted my husband from his dash to a favourite restaurant for lunch in order to come back home first for the search.  Despite my need to find Jesus before I could relax enough to eat, we managed to get to the restaurant right before the main after church crowd arrived, so my husband quickly forgave me for my carelessness earlier in the morning.  Not that he was upset, just kind of chuckling at my utter predictablilty in losing the central figure of the creche display. haha

So, pastoral phone calls have been made this afternoon, waiting emails answered, the cycle of window opening and shutting in order to cope with the "+33C and no air conditioning in here" weather has been taken care of and now we are going to just relax and watch some boxing on tv.  Poor old Saskatchewan Rough Riders lost yet another pre-season game yesterday, this time to Winnipeg, as well as losing a star player to a season ending injury.  The Canadian women's FIFA team was trounced by the English team and are now out of contention for the Cup, so it wasn't a happy bunch of sports talk around the post-church coffee table today.  The golfers in the crowd changed the subject to their favourite sport and that was much less depressing.

We discovered last night that there is a new Battlebots series on tv, so my husband was in his glory watching that and talking about how HE would have been able to make this bot or that bot so much better. hahahaha  Battlebots?? Are you kidding me? Have we come to this kind of mindless stress relieving tv content???  YUP!!  hahaha  Such is life.

It IS a happy day and I DO thank God for the weather AND for his promises to love and care for us no matter what!

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