Sunday, June 21, 2015

Have A Happy Day All You Fathers Out There

Just had a lovely chat with my dad for Fathers' Day.  My husband has a cheery email from his son, with an invitation for a phone chat later today awaiting his return from Synod.  I am feeling badly for a friend who lost her own father a few months ago and is finding today rather difficult to cope with.

What a wonder of social pressure and stress, along with the joy, these "special" days of celebration create.  My own parents are going to dinner tonight at the home of a friend who has invited all manner of friends over who are rather elderly and no longer have fathers of their own left on this earth.  She is calling it "Dinner for the Fatherless Child".  

My husband and I are going out with friends as well for dinner this evening.  We are going with another couple whose children also live outside of Canada and with a couple who married very late in life and have no children at all.

While it is really great for all of us to have a fun social occasion to enjoy later today, the reason behind our gatherings seems rather odd...clinging together over people we are missing for one reason or another and licking our emotional wounds that pop up when we see others able to truly and fully celebrate what this day is supposed to be about....good grief! What is wrong with this picture??

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