Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hey La Hey La My Boyfriend's Back

Even though he was gone only 3 days, it was great to have my husband arrive home safely yesterday evening.  Of course he is on his way out the door again at this moment to participate in a funeral for a former bishop, but at least there was time to visit for an hour last night before he had to get some sleep for today's activities.  This afternoon is an abbrieviated Diocesan Council meeting and then it will be sermon tweaking time for tomorrow's church service.  Church tomorrow and then, hopefully but I am not holding my breath, he will have an actual day off on has been at least a couple of weeks since he has had one of those, other than a couple of supposedly days off where he was actually answering his work emails and writing sermons, newspaper articles and work related blog posts from here at home. 

So I am here once again "picking up the pieces" from Cyclone Dell's latest trip through the house. haha  

Bless him, last night he found a board in the basement that is perfect for holding up the kitchen window screen in the evenings to cool this place down before bedtime during these rather hot days.  The window, like most everything else around here, doesn't work just quite right, but the board will do to keep it propped open.  It would be easier to just open the front and back inside doors and open the screens in the storm doors, but neither of those doors seal properly so when we have tried that we have found the townhouse filled up with spiders and other bugs in record time as they stream in through the cracks in the seal.  The doors have been painted over so any times they just don't close properly any more, so even attempting to rehang them has met with little success. haha  Aaaah, the joys of rental has been a long time since we last rented a place from a big management company and we had kind of forgotten..... (but we are very happy here despite the foibles of the building, so don't get me wrong)....

My husband had a wonderful couple of days away.  He took our British visitors to a pub luncheon in one of our former parishes, then on to visit Mary and Pete and their parish congregation.  While he was staying at our Diocesan camp, the Brits were billeted out to a couple in a lovely cabin down on the river south of Maple Creek.  The next day they toured an amazing cattle ranch and the following day Dell took them on their first ever canoe trip.  They had a wonderful time and my husband had a few hours to answer work emails, trek through the beautiful trees in Cypress Hills park and get some decent sleep in the quiet of the presently deserted camp.  He is still exhausted, but feeling generally better after a kind of a break away.

So, another hot day but we did get 10 minutes worth of rain last night.  It all helps and the temperatures are supposed to drop back to the mid +20's by Tuesday.  Yay! Life is good.

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