Monday, June 1, 2015

It's a Hap, Hap, Happy Day

Feelin' so much better today!  My scalp doesn't hurt any more and neither do my arms.  Other than some residual pain in my thighs, it has been a great day.  I am not so weary either, despite a lot of wandering about the city. Whew!!

My husband decided to rearrange his days off this week so he could take today while the Bishop is also out of the office and go in tomorrow instead.  What fun we had this morning.  After catching up on some work and family emails here at home we headed to the north end of the city with our broken vacuum power head.  We located the Electrolux dealer and found out our machine could be easily repaired.  The store is in a strip mall we hadn't been to before, so we had fun shopping in some stores that were new to us.  My husband, since moving here, has turned into a shopaholic!! hahaha  He found some  drawer sized stacking bins for his desk and file cabinets and of course no trip for him is complete without purchasing some new kind of tea or nutty snack. haha  We stopped at a newly opened second hand bookstore that carries a lot of antique manuscripts.  That was really fun.  The Canadian Diabetes Association office is right next door so I was able to get some information from them about where to go for my next foot testing etc.  

On the way home from these stores we decided that Monday is the perfect day to go out for lunch to celebrate a weekday off work, so off we went to one of our favourite pubs. The food at Brewsters is truly delicious and some good thought has gone into their menu.  I once again enjoyed their taco salad.  Beside the usual good mix of greens, corn niblets, black beans and shredded cheese, there were two skewers of medium rare cubes of beef that were to die for, extra slices of tomato and avocado, chipotle mayo (the only thing on my plate I  didn't care for, plus I didn't need the extra fat), salsa and of course just the perfect number of corn chips to make up 1 carb unit.  My husband took some of the avocado off my hands...there must have been half a one on my plate and I can only eat 1/3 of that much at once.  It all tasted so good and what a super day to be there at loud music preventing conversation, excellent service...we really like the place.  Even the coffee and soft drinks are extra good there for some reason.  My husband enjoyed an item from the new summer menu: chicken/avocado pizza with a bit of seasoned pork to jazz up the flavours.  It wasn't a large sized pizza and it was thin crust, but the toppings were thick enough he had to bring home 2 slices for supper tonight.  

We had only been home less than an hour when we received a call from Dependable Vacuum Plus that the powerhead was all ready repaired.  Nice!!  My husband had a nap while I drove back to pick it up.  It was reasonably priced and the new part they put on it is better quality than the original.

It was too beautiful of a day to just drive home again, so I wended my way down Albert Street to the south end to go to the bank, then tympsed my way back to the gasoline station a few blocks from our place to fill up the car's tank.  By then I had run out of things to do and rush hour was about to begin, so I grudgingly went home again.

Tonight my favourite dance programme returns to tv.  So You Think You Can Dance outstrips, for me at least, popular shows like Dancing with the Stars, because on SYTYCD all the contestants are real dancers, trained, athletic, creating moves it is hard to believe anyone's body is capable of performing!!  There are all genres of dance included and it is just a great deal of fun.  I am so looking forward to this season.

My husband will watch American Ninja Warriors tonight.  He loves craziness of the contestants, wishes he was 30 years younger so he could train and participate in something like that and he loves that we can pre-record it, edit out the commercials and be done with the whole 2 hours of the show in an hour or less. hahahaha My husband isn't much for mindless television programmes, but he has a couple of shows I am very careful about teasing his academic self for watching. hahaha

Tomorrow an old friend from seminary is in town and coming to have lunch with me while her husband is at a church conference.  I am sorry our two guys will not be able to see each other, but at least she and I can get caught up on the events in our lives.

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