Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's Starting To Add Up

Last night I had a good look over my test results from my last 18 months of lab work.  I have been tracking a list of symptoms I have struggled with on and off for a number of years, symptoms that come and go but have worsened since my diabetes diagnosis, worsened steadily over the past 2 years.

I talked to the pharmacist, I got some pamphlets and even took a quick peek at a recommended website...something I have made a habit of NOT doing as there is so much opportunity to misuse even the good and true medical information that is online.

Looking at my test results and tracking my symptoms, I have discovered I have almost every symptom there is for a slight protein deficiency!  My test results from a month ago seem to confirm that possibility.  My doctors have never really picked up on it and when I have described my symptoms they have recommended a few things here and there that didn't seem to help. So for once in my life I am going to "self-medicate" and up my protein intake substantially over the next couple of months and see if anything changes for the better.  Unstable blood sugar is one of the symptoms as it turns out, as are my aching muscles and otherwise unexplained hair loss, low creatinine levels....the increase in exercise over the past 2 years should have alerted me to the fact that I would need more protein but I have, if anything, reduced protein intake for a variety of reasons over the past year.

So, will see what happens with yet another change in diet.  If nothing has changed in two or three months' time then I will talk to the doctor again and be a lot more forceful about getting concrete assistance!

Got the house cleaned yesterday, just the bathroom fixtures to do after my shower this morning.  Decided to serve a nice salmon dish tonight for our visiting British guests.  If they are up to it my husband will take them to the provincial museum this afternoon while I stay home and get supper ready.  If I hadn't just been there myself I would go along, but I am so sore today it isn't worth it if I have to cook dinner too.  Will pick up some protein rich vegetables at the store this afternoon to add into the meal.  It is going to be fun meeting new people yet again and be able to thank them in person for hosting my husband at their home in Litchfield UK last month.

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