Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's Too Late Now

I went to sleep last night with a small dilemma on my mind: whether to attend our new parish this morning in my husband's absence, or to take up an invitation to go back to Moose Jaw for the third time in as many days and sing in their service choir.  Both were equally appealing so I decided I would just see how I felt when I woke up this morning and choose then.

As it turns out there was no choice to make.  Finally, after a couple of weeks of hoping, I SLEPT IN!!  I woke up, sorta kinda, at 8:30am and our new parish service starts at 9:30am.  Less than 45 minutes to make my complicated breakfast and get ready to go is not enough time for me.  I would have to leave my house at the same time to fill the car with gasoline and get to MJ in time to robe up for their choir, so same problem.

So, this morning I am doing laundry!  
Wash and pray...wash and pray!!

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