Friday, June 12, 2015

More Onscreen Woes

There is a small something not working correctly with my computer this past few days, but my husband has been too busy and frazzled for me to want to bother him with it.  Maybe on Sunday afternoon he will have time to suss it out.  I suspect it may just be a loose connection between the monitor and the main system as the symptoms are similar to the ones that occurred last time there was a loose connection.  O please let that be the only problem.  
Beside not being able to afford a whole new system just at the moment if we are going to take holidays in the summer, I nearly  lose my mind waiting for everything to be transferred over from one hard drive to another, setting up back up drives, moving files and the entire day it generally takes us to get new computers up and running properly.  My husband is a good techie but a slow, self-taught one.  And totally useless.  If I was dependent upon my own abilities with computers I wouldn't have owned one for the past 14 years....about the time the first one I ever had finally cratered.'s to Sunday afternoon....hopefully....I will shut down until then.

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bullwinkle said...

And us a couple of provinces away. :/