Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One Prayer Answered About This Week's Activities

In what is for us a typically convoluted fashion, plans have come together for my participation in returning to our former parish for the installation of their new priest. I am grateful and relieved to have it sorted out...and in my favour too! haha  Due to the location of the Diocesan youth worker who also wants to come to the installation, it is all working out just the way I was hoping.

The trip in a couple of days' time will require driving our car to one town to stash it there, then a trip to town number 2 with the youth worker where she will stash  her car and then we will all ride with our bishop to the installation service....or something like that anyway!  Coming back we will drive with the bishop to town number 2 where the youth worker will pick up her car and return to town number 1 so she can go home for the night.  The bishop and ourselves will stay in a hotel in town number 2, have breakfast the next morning with the local priest and then return to town number 1 to retrieve our own car.  From there we will proceed to town number 3, where the men will meet up with the youth worker once again and they will have a day of youth leader meetings there while I go to see friends and hopefully get some delicious "somethings" at their local farmers' market.  Then a fast return home to be ready to go to the fundraising dinner for sponsoring an Iraqi family we are bringing to Canada later this summer.  

What an hilarious scheme, but it should work out well!  haha I am all ready tired just reading about what we have to do to accommodate all the people and all the meetings.  Really looking forward to our crazy weekend.

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