Friday, June 19, 2015

Oooh My Phone Bill.....Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

I've been waiting for the phone bill to arrive so I can do my bill paying at the bank next week in one fell swoop, so to speak. it arrived and wow, if there were any more errors on that!!

When I saw the total owing on the first page I nearly had a heart attack: one hundred and seventy-three dollars and change. Waaaaa?????  I was certain I owed just under sixty dollars this month.

I went through the details of the charges and discovered I am being charged nearly fifty-five dollars for a second HD outlet box I do not have.  The amount of money showed owing at the bottom of the details page is exactly what I do owe...and although the extra HD outlet box showed up in that list, it was not added into the total. Huh???

Even adding that extra phantom box into the total I actually owe is still about fifty dollars short of the total amount showed owing on the front page of the bill.

So, on Monday my husband will have to take time off work to go to the main office of Sasktel here and straighten it out. The bill is in his name so I am not able to go and deal with it, they will only deal with him.  That is fine with me, it is a good if inconvenient security measure, but I will be going with him to add my two cents to the conversation, should words and phrases less gentle and priest-like become necessary.  I can lose my temper when necessary with the best of them.

Yup, if the peaceable, laid back Saskatchewan attitude, filled with politeness and calm, fails to work it will be up to me to switch into Alberta mode and see if I can embarrass all of us into getting the necessary changes made in the bill.

Sigh....oh how I hope (and pray even) that it doesn't have to come to that....blecch pooey......I hate how much of an Albertan I still am inside.....

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chris e. said...

Sometimes that 'inner Albertan' can be a good thing! It DOES get things done, especially when a laid back attitude means you end up paying interest on a balance you don't owe for months on end--till some other laid back person gets around to fixing the problem. So my recommendation is to take your 'inner Albertan' along. Just put a guard at its mouth and give it only enough leash to get the job done!