Monday, June 29, 2015

Pub Crawlin' Research

My husband and son, following in the tradition of my husband's mother, enjoy eating in pubs...not lounges and bars, but as close to true pubs as we can get out here on the prairies.

Since son is coming to visit in about 3 weeks time, my husband has felt honour bound to locate some decent local pubs for the 2 of them to enjoy some feasting and some craft brews.  I am indifferent because I can't drink beer anyway, but in the course of our "research" have discovered some of the nicest salads and burgers in the city.

To date we have enjoyed in particular: Bushwakkers, Leopold's and The Lobby.  The noise levels vary, with The Lobby having the loudest music thus far, but their small menu has some very tasty items.  The last 2 on the list have the outdoor patio option as well, so if you don't mind sharing your meal with wasps and spiders that is an option...I suppose.....

That should be enough pub crawling for the duration of his short visit and there is also Bombay House for a nice Indian meal.  I will force myself to cook the rest of the time, teehee.  Since the boy used to be one of the best restaurant meat/fish grillers in the city of Edmonton we are going to have one good meal of decent steak courtesy of his skills.

So, off to face another beastly hot day.  My husband is going to help me find a couple of floor fans today.  If they don't help the heat situation, they will at least provide me with some white noise at night.  Between the yapping dog 2 doors down and the start this morning of 6 weeks of road and curb repair on the main street outside our house, I am needing a bit of help to get enough sleep.  The dog yaps consistently between 2am and 6am and the road crews are on the job by, or even before, 5:30am.  As usual my inability to lock out noise when I need to sleep is threatening to ruin my wonderful summer, but the fans will help a lot.  Apparently I am the only person in the entire complex that is awakened by the dog in the night and I am tired of being the whinger and complainer, so trust the fans will help enough to mitigate my complaints. I want to be awake and cheery enough to enjoy all the good things summer has to offer.

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