Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Skype-in' The Night Away

Oh how I enjoy using Skype!!  Last night we were able to video chat with our son in New York City and it was just wonderful!!  Each time we are able to do that I thank God for this amazing of many incredible uses for technology and definitely one of my favourites.

Eli is doing well well in fact that he just got another pay raise in hopes he will stay on yet another "couple a weeks" to complete the artist's project that was originally to be finished by the end of May.  If his accommodation there is still available he will likely do that.  The ability to earn a lot more money over the next month is a powerful incentive for an artist that is not in the million dollar sales club! (At least not yet, says the proud mama!!)

Speaking of those amazing people, my son was privileged to sit with world renowned artist Peter Doig at an opening night dinner last week.  They explored the man's Canadian connections and talked about politics and, of course, art.  My son was rather star struck and will remember this event for many years to come. He has met many such people over the past few years and is not one to name drop, but this was an amazing aquaintanceship to make and he is very excited to have met Mr. Doig, so he couldn't resist. haha

Hair cut today...the sky is very overcast and it is less warm than it has been the past few days, but there is still no forecast for rain.  I am guessing that the more work the stylist puts into conditioning, straightening, re-curling, de-frizzing my poor overworked hair, the greater chance there will be for a style destroying downpour as I walk home again. Hey, I am not superstitious, just very experienced in such matters. Hopefully she will do her best "magic" and the rain will teem down in the torrents we are so badly in need of!  What's one more bad hair day, right?

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