Sunday, June 28, 2015

So How Do I Know It Is Finally Summer Around Here?

I know it because it is 11pm and it is still +32C outside with not so much as a light breeze to accompany the heat that has risen quickly to my second storey bedroom.

It know it because the kids in our complex are out of school now and one of them is outside in the parking lot screaming her lungs out and running just out of her furious father's reach as he tries to grab her and wrestle her into the house.

I know it because the screaming girl's dog is also out running around and barking as loudly as the girl is screaming and the father is both of be quiet.  hahaha

I know it because the noise of the traffic on the road outside my bedroom window is magnified so much due to the weather conditions.

I know it because the smoke from forest fires up north is drifting down here and filling my home with the most dreadful, allergy inducing odors.

I know it because after a cold miserable spring the summer crept up on me before I had time to purchase a fan to not only attempt to cool down the house, but also to create some white noise to dull the sounds from outside so I can try to get some sleep at nights.

I know it because I don't have to worry about plugging in the car to keep it warm enough to start on a cold morning.

I know it because the prospect of highway drives to anywhere at all inspire feelings of adventure rather than the dread the icy winter highways instill in my mind.

I know it because the flowers are blooming and the trees are beautifully leafed out.

I know it because the woodpeckers that I FINALLY spotted in the trees this morning are peeping and eating bugs and providing no end of entertainment for me now that I have located them outside the living room windows.

I know it because the sky is deep summer blue and what few clouds have appeared lately are absolutely starchy bright white against that pretty sky.

I know it because I can go for a walk outside anytime I want, in sandals, without any concern about vibram soles and yak-traks on the bottom of my boots to prevent me from falling down.

I know it because I am happy despite being rather Sleepless in Regina over this past week.

I know it because when upsets occur or the old depression threatens I am able to get over it in a matter of hours or a day at most and get on with the joy of living.

Summer....what a great season, but short as it is, it gets me through the rest of the year rather nicely.

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