Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spontaneity For Dinner

This afternoon when I arrived home from a marathon walk around the downtown core, I found a message on my phone inviting me to come to our church's Ladies' Guild annual restaurant dinner meeting.  One of the gals picked me up and away we went for a most delicious meal at the Fireside Bistro.

What a nice treat.  Our church ladies are the most kind and interesting bunch.  They are so welcoming and inclusive.  Once again I have been blessed thoroughly by the ladies in our parish.

My Athenian chicken dish with fresh roasted veggies and teeny potatoes was very very tasty, the creme brulee was fresh and the caramlized sugar topping delightfully crispy...although I only had a teaspoon of someone else's for a taste, so yes, I behaved myself at dessert time.  There was a short Guild meeting before we ate so I ended up having a bit of a snack so I could last until the meal arrived, but the entire evening was helped along by discovering the bistro had one of my favourite Fine Wines Saskatchewan imports: Melipal Malbec.  What a wonderful red wine that goes with almost any meaty entree, and particularly well with Greek style chicken that is stuffed with feta cheese.  It was delightful!!  Perhaps the waiter bringing me a 9oz glass when I had ordered only the 6 oz glass added to the delight, but the whole evening truly was quite fabulous all around!!

We were out so late that I arrived home only fifteen minutes before my dear husband had to get to bed, but at least we connected long enough to reschedule days off, trips out of town and other unexpected committments that have arisen through his job during work today.  June is going to be the craziest month yet.

Now we are off to Weyburn in the middle of tomorrow afternoon, along with the Bishop and his wife, to attend the induction of fellow clergy at the church there in the evening.  It is only a few hours down there and back and the weather should be good enough....not too hot and not raining...hopefully at least.

These are the fun changes that come along in my husband's schedule.  He was supposed to be in another town all together tomorrow, in the opposite direction to where we will now end up, but that meeting was cancelled, leaving him free to help with the driving for the Weyburn excursion.  Apparently he is also going with the  Bishop back to our former parish in a few weeks' time to participate in the induction of their new priest as well.

So another great day.  The water main break is fixed at our complex so we have running water again.  The lawns were mowed today, the geese were scared off by all the road equipment so I had no goose poop to pick up tonight, it was a nicely warm day with only a breeze instead of storm force prairie winds.  

Now....if the forecast for real rain on Friday can just, please God, come true. 

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