Saturday, June 20, 2015

Taking One For "THE CURE"

Attempting to sleep past 6am on days when there is no reason to wake up to a pre-set alarm has reached "ludicrous speed".  (thank you "Spaceballs").  hahaha

This morning I was awakened by raucous country music over a sound system somewhere in Wascana Park across the street, followed by a most excited sounding announcer calling competitors with last names starting with A through F to come to the registration booth....a quick check online for Regina events on this date revealed that it is the annual sports competition raising money for breast cancer research.

Funny how a person's anger at being awakened so dreadfully early on a Saturday morning can dissipate rather quickly when the reason for the ruckus is an event like that.  I can ignore the nausea brought on by lack of sleep and pray for people known and unknown who are suffering because of that dreaded "C-word".  

My husband's sister had breast cancer and what she went through was hell on earth, not only physically but emotionally as well.  It hurt badly to see her going through such a time in her life.  Thankfully she has been cancer free now for a number of years, but I am sure the concern of recurrence is always tucked away in the back of her mind, as it is for most cancer survivors.

I pray for all the competitors today, that each of their sponsors will be generous in their contributions.  My husband and I have a few medical research charities we donate to each year and cancer research is one of them.  We have lost so many friends and family members to one form or another of that dreadful disease.  So many people we know are suffering at present, their futures uncertain and their present days revolving around treatments and the subsequent side effects.

So play that country music, call the registrants to attention and do it all at the top of your lungs.  Today is an important day for cancer research funding here in The Queen City.

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