Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Smell of the Goose Poop, the Roar of the Crowd....of Tent Caterpillars!!

Each day we sit here and pray for rain...not only for the noble reason of wanting God's help for the farmers in our province, nor even for the practical needs of daily drinking water in our city's source of same.

The real reason we want some rain to come down is to wash away the goose poop that is accruing all over our complex lawns, on the sidewalks and streets and in the park across the road.  With severe water rationing in effect, neither our complex nor the city is able to get their hoses and sprinklers working to wash away the poo!!  It is hideous and dangerous once it dries and starts blowing itself around in the air to be breathed into our lungs.

After our lunch today my friend and I attempted a good long walk around the lake in the park across the road.  We lasted about 20 minutes and then gave it up and came home.  We had to watch our every step to make sure we didn't step in the birdie doo doo.  The grass is full of it, the pathways are crammed with mashed bits of it and in between the mashed poop are ever growing hordes of tent caterpillars!  They must have made their first appearance here last spring as all the trees in our complex were banded around the trunks last fall to prevent more of them crawling up to lay eggs.  I think if we can survive the onslaught this year they will be far fewer next year as they start moving on to the next unsuspecting area to destroy the trees there.

Walking to the grocery store a few minutes ago was quite a circuitous route, skirting the ponds of water in our parking lot from the still gushing water main break that the city crews are to fix tomorrow finally, avoiding piles of poop in the grass that continues to grow long and green despite the present near drought and attempting valiantly to keep from mushing up the caterpillars that fell out of the trees as I walked along with a bag over my head to keep them out of my hair.

Aaaaah, spring on the prairies...is there anything sweeter??? 

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