Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wet Smoke

Overnight we had a bit of drizzly rain.  Mixed with the thick smoke in the air it makes the entire city smell like a campsight smells right after the first attempts to dowse the campfire at the end of a week in the Great Outdoors.  YEEEUCK!!  The smoke is to remain with us for at least today before the winds change direction and give us a break.  I just wish this moisture, scant as it is, would occur up north in the fire zone and give the firefighters and residents up there a break as well.

For me it is next to a miracle that I do not have clogged sinuses, swollen glands and an impossibly sore throat to deal with.  Those are the usual smoke exposure symptoms, but all I am suffering is a bad case of groggy tiredness...feeling a bit more stupid than usual.  

I DID have a great sleep last night though.  The new fan in my room provided just the right amount of white noise without being so loud that the fan itself kept me awake. Another sleep like last night's and I will be feeling great.

Off tomorrow to Art in the Park.  Picking up some friends to go with us and then lunch together before we come home again.  It is going to be a really fun time!  YAY, something social AND artsy....with food afterward...the perfect event! haha

Today I await a SaskTel installer to come and straighten out the glitches from our last phone bill.  Then all will be well in the bill paying department of my life.

Later in the week comes the dreaded underwear shopping.....boo hoo!  I detest trying to find what I want and what fits and and and...it is going to take hours and I am going to be near tears before I am done.  Based on past experience it is a day to be dreaded, BUT I have a wedding shower to go to on the weekend that will be  ton of fun so will focus on that! haha

It is all good.

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