Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Bit of Rain At Last

Just after dinner tonight a few clouds rolled in, a bit of lightning and thunder woke us out of our heat induced stupor and some hail began pounding down.  There wasn't much hail here in the city thank goodness and it was followed by a half hour of pounding rain.  

It came down with such a fierce wind that even though we raced upstairs to shut the windows, both our desks and computers and chairs and carpets were covered in rain drops. 

The lake that runs down the main street in front of our place every time there is a quick accumulation of rainwater has all the vehicles slowing to a near crawl to get through it without stalling out their motors.  Over the past hour the water level has finally started to go down...nearly 3 hours after the rain stopped.

The cooler air tonight is a wonderful treat!!  When the temperature gets over +30C like it did today, the loss of even 5 degrees makes quite a difference to my comfort level.  My husband just came out of the shower and didn't bother to towel dry so he would have the benefit of the cooling power of evaporation.

O how I hope and pray this little rain storm is not the end of the rain over the next few days.  The farmers need a good 3 days of continuous and slightly more gentle downpour.  Here in the city we need a good washing off from all the accumulated dust of the past 4 months.

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