Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Gratitude Filled Day

If I wasn't grateful for days like today I would be the world's worst ingrate!  (even though I still have not located my cell phone charger and am thinking I never will)

I woke up this morning with no symptoms related to the smoke outside!!  I was concerned last night so I wrapped my neck up with a dew rag and some mentholated ointment, poked a menthol stick up my nose before going to bed and had a huge drink of water.  Those things combined with the dissipation of so much of the smoke overnight left me feeling quite good this morning upon rising.  Thank you K&P for your prayers for me as well...very positive answers!

Breakfast tasted particularly good this morning for some reason, perhaps just because I felt so cheery.  It was so good to have a reason to get going early for my trip to Moose Jaw.  Stopped on the way at the Bulk Barn to pick up a couple of things for the friend I was meeting, things she wanted but can't buy in her town.  I got to Moose Jaw sufficiently early to do a bit of searching about on my own for a tasty treat for my husband in their Bulk Barn and had good success.

Off to the restaurant where I was to meet my friend.  We had the sweetest visit over our extended lunch.  O my it was good to see her. Bless you Kay for asking me to come to meet you.  Sharing about church and God and friends and was really refreshing and wonderful to get caught up.  I hope we can do it again soon.

I was no sooner in the door when I got home this afternoon than I received a call from another friend, just in town for the day.  Fifteen minutes later I was in her car and we were off to do some shopping for her craft projects, followed by a delicious and nutritious dinner out.  Two meals out in one bad for my diet and so good for my frame of mind! teehee  She was looking for a cow bell for a play she is involved in so I had my first glimpse at a local western goods store called, appropriately, Cow Town.  haha  They actually had just the sort of bell she wanted, so next time we are looking for such things we will know where to start the search!

Unfortunately Cow Town is in the north end light industrial section of the city and the traffic tie ups during rush hour there rival Vancouver and Toronto for slow moving traffic due to road overload.  Coupled with some major road construction projects in the area it would have been a nightmare had we not decided to just go with the flow and spend the hour singing silly songs at the top of our lungs.  haha  The meandering route we were forced to take to get out of the area did land us at a great little restaurant though, so supper was like a reward for the long sit in the traffic.

Once I got home I had a chance to finally sit down and rest, so enjoyed watching a couple of tv shows.  Tomorrow is a huge day of ironing and Friday I will spend the day cleaning, as far as I know...that was to be this afternoon's job after my trip out of town, but you know how it goes...friends trump housework every time, particularly when I know there are going to be some deep spiritual conversations in amongst the fun events.  Friday night I may have a dinner and movie "date", but even if that doesn't happen it has been a very fulfilling week so far...only the one really bad day.

I am grateful for today.  I am grateful for this week.  I am grateful that for once, very unusually, I broke my pattern of working on the housework like a mad fool for the first couple of days of my husband's absence.  Now I am so far behind on that I will really be scrambling to get everything done before he gets back, but I have discovered this week that if there is a laundry basket full of clean clothes sitting about overnight, ironing spilling out of my closet onto the floor for a day and dust bunnies enjoying the sunshine on the coffee table for the better part of a week, lightning will not strike me dead. I am thinking how especially wonderful everything will look when all is dusted, vaccumed and washed down once again. 

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