Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Near Perfect Canada Day Celebration For Us

We are having a wonderful day. In years past either my husband has had to work on Canada Day or we have both been too exhausted, or too removed from civilization and its celebrations, to participate in any fun activities at all.

Today has been a true joy thus far.  Park Art in Moose Jaw was a ton of fun.  We spent money on art cards and soaps and candles and beeswax lipbalm and earrings and pickled eggs and wall hangings and...sigh...yup....tried SO HARD to resist and failed badly...pottery bowls.  I think I am a pottery addict, but it is such fun and relatively harmless...right??

We ate a fabulous luncheon with excellent, perfectly dry white wine (thank you Fine Wines Saskatchewan) and fabulous cream tea, spinach quiche, bacon and turkey sandwiches stuffed with veggies, curried chicken and falafel wrapped in thin pitas, lemon and chocolate muffins and cinnamon buns.  The Commons on Moose Jaw's main street has improved their food and drink offerings over the past year and the service has definitely speeded up.  

Best of all, we shared all of the above with dear friends.

At Park Art we ran into so many people we knew that all the visiting cut into my shopping time. haha  Probably a good thing.....

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