Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Quieter Day Today

Happily the guys both slept in a bit this morning before a marathon session of pancake creation, followed by a trip to several book stores and a late lunch out.  Now they are reading and dozing before my husband leaves for his meeting and Eli and I head out for dinner.  Once he is gone I will be back to my regular cooking routine, but this week has been a lot of fun with a number of meals out and so no dishes to wash afterward.

I felt so lazy today.  I didn't do much beyond washing some dishes and making my own meals.  Several recorded tv shows were watched while I lay around on the couch and I didn't even get dressed until after 2pm.  Made it over to the grocery store in a teeming rainfall for a few groceries and scooted right back again, drenched, but happy to be out and about after such a lazy beginning to my day.

I am feeling very badly for friends and former parishioners in Kerrobert SK.  They had golf ball sized hail stones come down last night, along with gusting winds.  Today the town powers that be declared a state of emergency as a result of the damage to trees and buildings.  The photos of the damage shocked me: terrible...just terrible.  I hope the people are able to access insurance assistance for the broken house siding, destroyed wooden rooves, pock marked vehicles with cracked windshields and smashed fencing.  The big, beautiful town trees are twisted, broken and laying in pieces all over the streets and back yards.  What a terrible mess for them all to have to clean up. To be hailed out so completely after a couple of months of drought is like adding insult to injury.

Calgary  narrowly missed similar damage yesterday, as well as a touchdown in the city of a large funnel cloud that hovered over the city for some time.  What a crazy spring and summer we have had in this country this year.  It seems we are gearing up for something truly terrible at some point and I can only pray that nothing any worse happens anywhere than what happened in Kerrobert.  Our friends in the USA have experienced some devastating storms and tornados all ready this summer and I hope there are no more of those twisters for a good long time.

Well, off to search out some kind of new and interesting restaurant for dinner tonight.  Then my son and I will get some of his laundry done for the next leg of his journey home.

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