Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Sweet Day Off

Yesterday my husband had (most of) the day off work.  It was one of the better days off we have shared in awhile.

After a good long sleep in and a lazy earlier part of the morning, we did go into the office but it was to look at his big wall calendar and plan our holidays a bit for August.  We can't afford to go far away but we have some plans in place now that should see a good balance between home and away.  Yesterday only the financial manager was working, but while we were planning our vacation the bishop showed up to wait while his bicycle was being repaired, the office manager who lent my husband her truck for the camp came to pick it up again, another priest dropped in to do a bit of work, a lady involved in our diocesan fundraising campaign also came in to work for awhile and then the Bishop's chaplain, who had been driving by and seen all the cars in the parking lot, also dropped in to see what was going on. hahaha  We shared a cup of tea and some conversation together and it was an unexpectedly lovely time.

After a light lunch at home my husband had an afternoon nap that was most refreshing for him, while I did some reading and emailing.  We contacted some colleague friends we are still getting to know here and met them for dinner at our favourite pub.  What fun we had!  They are so interesting to talk to, so committed to the same spiritual causes we are...it was such a joyous time!  It capped off nicely my husband's day off.  I am so glad I got to participate in his activities this time, as he often has to use his day off to do computer updates and other things pertinent to his own interests, or sleeps most of the day, or ends up working at home instead of in the office.  

We almost had a good rain last night, but not quite.  While surrounding towns and cities received a solid amount of useful rainfall, we received about 2 to 5 minutes worth of light sprinkles and that was the end of it.  Drought conditions around the province are finally being declared.  The heat and humidity got to me today despite a few degrees drop in temperature.  I have accomplished almost nothing since I got home from grocery shopping before lunch.  

Tomorrow my husband has a trip out of town with the Bishop to pick up some artifacts from a deconsecrated church and they will have a chance to get caught up on work plans that had to be left while my husband was at camp and the Bishop had a week of holidays.  It will be almost a day off in terms of being able to talk together without all the interruptions that accompany a day in the office.  Hope it isn't too hot for them.

I will spend the day trying to make some plans for our son's visit that starts this weekend.  In my head is a long list of activities and places he may enjoy, but I need to write them down so I don't confuse my forgetful self in the excitement of his arrival.

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