Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Whirlwind Day

The weather was perfect yesterday for gadding about town and we took full advantage of it.  After a late breakfast we headed out for a tour of my husband's workplace so our son could meet the wonderful folk he works with, we did a bit of specialty grocery shopping, had lunch at Leopolds and then spent the afternoon at MacKenzie Art Gallery, before coming home so the guys could nap and I could change our supper out plans to a fun meal of leftovers and snack type foods.  I knew we were all too tired to handle another restaurant venture.

The MacKenzie Art Gallery has a marvellous exhibition of David Thauberger's works.  He is a wonderful "architectural" artist, one of Saskatchewan's Big Artistic Guns and brings all his skills to his paintings of prairie and other buildings.  His panel works of New York City's most famous buildings are so precise.  My husband and I particularly enjoyed his paintings of particular buildings we recognized, such as the Zion United Church in Moose Jaw with its unique roof dome and the dance hall in Watrous Saskatchewan.  There was a wonderful painting of the old Masonic Hall in Craik and a couple of lovely renderings of house designs I remember being built in the late 1960's.  The one that caught my eye and brought up memories is of a typical 3 bedroom split level with white siding.  My parents had a chance to move into one of those houses when I was 9 years old and at that time I thought it was the most upper class, gorgeous house I had ever seen. I actually cried when they chose a different house. haha Thauberger's colours are bold, he uses sparkles as a medium and he is incredibly precise in his drawings.  My son could relate to the painstaking use of masking tape to seal off his colours from each other and we enjoyed watching a video of him removing tape from a finished work.  I didn't expect to enjoy the show as much as I did, but I came away wishing I had the appropriately large amount of wall space to show one of his glorious works in my home.  There were several ceramic pieces as well from his collection...hmmm...great sense of humour and ability to make a social point, but I am afraid the works themselves left me kind of cold...just not my sort of sculpture, but lots of fun in them.

We had a quiet evening watching tv and visiting, staying up too late of course, so today we are getting a late start on our jaunt over to the Italian and Indian grocery stores, a couple of small galleries and a terrific new second hand book store.  It is going to be rather hot for the next couple of days, so I assume more napping is going to be in order for my tired guys.

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