Monday, July 27, 2015

About Darned Time Someone Figured This One Out!

I just read an article in the National Post, an online headline article as it happens, citing a new study or two that suggest that many bullies are actually people with the highest self esteem, socially up in rank and have the lowest rates of depression.  

Well, gee whiz, I could have told them that myself! haha  As a victim of bullying from the age of six until my move to Saskatchewan at the age of 49, I have no trouble believing there is a strong element of truth to that particular study.  I am just sorry it has taken so long for this information to be discovered by psychologists and social scientists.  Of course not every bully falls into these categories, but a substantially high percentage of them have been discovered in recent years.

 The worst bullying I have received in my life has occured at the hands of wealthy, socially secure, confident, aggressive members of adult society.  As a kid there was a more mixed bag of bullies in school.  My son was badly bullied for the first ten years of his school life as well, again by the most popular, well to do, socially prominent kids in the community.  The kids bullied him and their parents bullied me.

While we have both recovered from such negative experiences in life and felt the joy of being able to forgive them, thanks to Jesus' teaching and presence in our lives, we will never forget the types of people who tormented us for years.  They all fall into the categories outlined in the most recent studies.

If you have been bullied in your life, check out the National Post today and find the story.  Read it for yourselves and think about the alternative options being considered for dealing with bullying in schools.  The proponents of these new ideas may just be onto something of merit.    

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