Friday, July 24, 2015

And Just Like That He's Gone Again

After a hearty breakfast and a final visit this morning we deposited The Boy back at the airport for the next phase of his journey home.  Of course this flight also did not go smoothly.  After carrying his box of art inks and other art supplies onto the planes from the USA into Canada and from Toronto to Regina with no problem at all, today he was not allowed to carry them onto the plane from Regina to Calgary.  He was told that even though the inks were the regulation size of under 100ml, they were not considered personal products like liquid soaps and shaving creams and so we watched as he was escorted out of security and downstairs back to the boarding pass and baggage handling area.  The idea was that he would now pay over twenty dollars for a second under the plane luggage box.  My husband decided his own idea was better:  he took the box away from our son before our son reached the clerk at the baggage desk and told him we will ship it to him in Vancouver ourselves at far less cost!  The supplies are in a relatively thin cardboard box and after seeing how baggage is treated by those in charge of loading suitcases and boxes onto airplanes, we decided there was a good chance for breakage.  We can rebox it and make it far more travel secure before sending it on to him over the weekend.  By the time we sorted out what we would do with it the security guard had disappeared again, so my son had to get back in the security entrance line and go through the entire process all over again. Fortunately his remaining carry on baggage was rechecked by the same fellow that wouldn't let him take his art supplies on board, so it went far more quickly the second time around.  We are not complaining, despite the inconvenience for our son.  We are just grateful that security was doing a good job.  He should be landing in Calgary after a jaunt through Edmonton along the way....actually he should be landing in Calgary in about ten minutes, all being well this time around.  I guess I will find out in a couple of hours when I call there to see if he made it.

It was so fantastic having him here and the suite seems awfully empty now that he is gone again.  Sigh.....I will be fine.  I didn't cry this time when he left, although I came very close to tears when I realized there was a problem with his carry on bag.  At least if we are mailing it to him he won't have to go through this again at the Calgary airport, nor pay for a second piece of under the plane luggage when he goes home to Vancouver.  Now I have to start praying about that flight.  It leaves after dinner Sunday evening, the usual time that flights are delayed.  The later the departure time each day, the more likely the flight will not be on time.  The last time he flew out of Calgary at that time of the evening he ended up being rerouted to Seattle, then from there to Victoria and finally got into Vancouver EIGHT HOURS late! His one hour flight took nine hours.  What I remember is that there was not one opportunity to access any food or drink that entire time and he was ill from dehydration by the time he got back to his apt.  It was a fiasco that I pray he can avoid this time around.

After  he left, my husband and I felt rather deflated, so we went out and gorged ourselves at a delicious Indian buffet at the Bombay India Bistro.  O my, their little luncheon buffet is so very yummy!  Then I dropped my husband off at work for the afternoon and I went grocery shopping.

I have to say I am very glad I was able to take advantage of so many of my PC point card savings at Superstore today.  I cashed in a bunch of my points and paid ten dollars for a seventy dollar order.  PC points are actually a very good deal for me.  When we have months like this, with a 5 week pay period instead of the usual 4, plus extra expenses like we had this month, it is great to be able to pick up a load of necessary groceries a week before pay day and be able to use those points to save some money.  What a relief!!

So it has been a super duper party pooper week around here.  Our son seemed to enjoy himself immensely.  We certainly enjoyed ourselves.  My parents will be delighted to have him all to themselves and he is going to pick up some steaks to BBQ for them tomorrow night....a tradition he started with them when he was still working as a cook in a Greek restaurant many years ago.

We pray he will find everything in order when he gets home, that his subletters left his place in decent shape, that his studio space will be cleaned up and ready for him next week and that he can spend some serious time at the beach with his friends before returning to his job. 

Thank you son for a great visit!! Thank you God that everything worked out so well despite the rather stressful start and end to the visit.

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