Friday, July 3, 2015

And Once Again....As Usual....Sigh.....

I just want to cry right now for my husband.  Here he is once again trying to get the last minute details sorted out for next week's camp and as usual everything takes more time and has more glitches than he or anyone else could have foreseen.

The worst part is that after a day spent doing the grocery shopping with the camp director and having it take closer to 6 hours than 2 or 3, finding and picking up a wonderful truck to haul the canoes and guarantee me our car to use while he is gone, racing around to get the proper adaptor for the truck hitch to connect it with the canoe trailer and getting a lot of the food successfully loaded up for tomorrow's journey, the ignition on our car failed again....on a Friday evening....after most of the dealerships and repair shops closed for the weekend.

He is going to lose most of tomorrow morning, time he desperately needs for packing up the rest of the food from the car and transferring it to the truck, getting the rucksacks and fans and extras for the kids loaded up and getting the last of his own personal gear packed, in order to try to track down a dealership he can take the serial number of our car to and getting the folk there to cut us an original key for our ignition switch. We suspect it is the old, worn out keys causing the problem.  We are hoping that is all it is.  Seventy or eighty dollars for original keys is a lot less money than several hundred for new ignition parts to be found and installed (next week at the earliest) on a vehicle as old as ours and that is not worth spending any more money on.

If I have no car for the week after all I will bite the disappointment, particularly about missing church AND the wedding shower in Moose Jaw on Sunday and manage to cope just fine, but I am hoping and praying like mad that all will be adequately solved in the morning.

My worry is that my exhausted husband once again and as usual has to deal with one more problem at the last minute than he can really handle well.  I just feel so darned sorry for the guy. It happens time and time again, when he is at his lowest energy level and has strict deadlines and unmoveable committments, that some other emergency or overwhelming extra problem arises.

I am so sorry lovey and I am praying for things to go well, smoothly and efficiently for you in the morning. Thanks for everything you did to try to ensure I would have ground transportation in your absence and if I can't keep my weekend committments after all it is NOT your fault, right?  Of course right. Sleep well and long tonight! I am so sorry this is happening once again...and as usual.

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