Sunday, July 12, 2015

Awesome Places To Be

Got a brief email from our son this afternoon.  He has had a wonderful time taking care of his boss's loft apartment in Manhattan for the past couple of weeks.  This coming week he has only 3 days remaining in his apprenticeship and then his boss and family are taking him to their place in the Hamptons before he flies here on his way home.  How exciting and how beautiful.  I am delighted with some of the friends and mentors he has been able to spend time with in the past few years: people who have practically adopted him as one of their own and who include him in their elite lifestyles so often.  He has been able to have all of the joys of the lifestyle with none of the stresses that go with having to manage so many financial blessings properly. Way to go have met the best of the best, people of strong character and who would be fantastic friends to have even if they were as financially inconsequential as yourself.

Received an email from other good friends who are on vacation and find themselves stranded for a few days while their vehicle is being repaired: stranded in beautiful Revelstoke.  Wow, that is a wonderful place to be stranded.  There are so many  home style restaurants with gourmet touches, art stores, craft venues etc. etc. etc., surrounded by majestic mountains with bike trails and places to hike and climb.  I am excited for them to be able to spend a couple of bonus days there on their vacation even though I am sorry that a vehicle breakdown is the reason for it.

A friend from church is off to one of the more beautiful lakes in our province.  Like myself, she finds nothing so relaxing as taking her morning coffee and sipping the morning away by the shores of a body of water.  I tried filling the bathtub once, in desperation after a fabulous week at the beach in Vancouver, dragging a chair into the bathroom and having my cup of tea in there but it wasn't quite the same and didn't have the same effect....yes, I really did do that.  Sigh.....I LOVE the water.

Another friend is at her church family camp this week and staying in a dilapidated old building that was dragged in there years ago.  The camp is very pretty but the building she is in is what makes it an interesting place to be. The floor is sagging and slanted, the whole building is drooping...I am thinking it is likely not that safe to be in any more and should torn down, but it makes for fun accommodation in the meantime.

Some friends are leaving on extended cruises to Alaska, other friends have just returned from cruises to Alaska and around the the Horn in South America, trips to Africa and Europe.  I am so happy for them all to be able to see places I will likely never see.  The memories will be amazing, the photos fun reminders of good times.  

Happy summer to all my friends and family.  Aren't we all incredibly blessed to be able to travel around the world and to have experiences that people from less abundant countries can only dream of??!  It is most humbling.  We need to enjoy it while it is still possible.

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