Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dang Those Late Flight Departures!!!

Well, we may NOT be picking our son up at the airport tonight after all.  Unfortuately he cut his time to catch a  flight out of Toronto a bit close to his arrival from La Guardia in New York.  That flight is now 20 minutes delayed, so unless they leave in the next 10 minutes and end up with a HUGE tail wind, he is likely to miss his connection in Toronto and end up staying overnight there, hoping for a flight out tomorrow morning. That will be interesting if it happens because we will not be around to pick him up until after lunch some time. Sigh.....

O how I detest these nail biting travel situations....DETEST I say!!!!

I have come to dread flying, not because of the actual trip itself, but because of all the hassles of making connections these days.  We have had our own problems in the past, my husband and I. Fortunately for us, things have always worked out fine in the end, but the amount of stress nearly does me in when connecting times get close to the wire like our son's tonight.

So, as the rain pours down and the lightning flashes a lot closer to where I live than I am comfortable with, I pray for my son and his flight connections.  I don't know who will be the most disappointed if things go wrong this evening, him or us.

Yeeouch....another nearly simultaneous flash of lightning and the accompanying thunder roll.  Time to shut down this machine and close the rest of the windows!

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