Friday, July 3, 2015

Dastardly Deed...DONE!!!

OK, so Sears has redeemed itself for today at least.  The staff, such as were available today, stayed completely out of my way and let me look on my own for bras that fit.  I was in and out of the dressing room in the lingerie department more than a dozen times, trying on, trying on again, rejecting, seeking, looking at every brand they sell.  By the time I was done I had a half dozen bras IN MY ACTUAL SIZE!! (thank you Warners Cloud Nine!!!)  No one else makes my size, at least not among the brands that are available to me here. (Bonus: there was only one person ahead of me at the cashier and she was merely paying for a purchase...never ever happens to me...yay!) There were 2 other colours I wanted that were not in stock at Sears but I did manage to wander down to the other end of the mall to The Bay and find one in each of those colours there, same brand, the only 2 in my size left in their display.

So, several hundred dollars later I am good to go...probably for 2 years now.  I will put half of my purchases away in my lingerie cabinet and use the other 4 for as long as they will last me.  A raise in my quarterly sales tax rebate this quarter covered 2/3 of the cost so, yet another bonus today.

All the bras are swishing and sloshing away in the washing machine right now and my old bras are packed up and on the way out.

O happy day....made even happier by ending my shopping trip with my fave Zam Zam's chicken shwarma salad....AND I even disciplined myself to only have 2 small strips of salty pickled turnip on the salad instead of the usual half dozen or more.   Yay me! teehee

The walk downtown and back was good for me.  The smoke dissipated sufficiently as the sun rose higher in the sky that I could walk easily without any respiratory problems as long as I wasn't racing along too quickly. I found another pretty (and clean) little park as I walked along Scarth, between 14th and 15th Avenues, beautiful trees, luscious green grass and a large round flower bed filled with lovely plants.  A covered cement pad with benches under the canopy made a nice place to just relax for a few minutes on the way home.  

Thus endeth the dreaded underwear shopping, hopefully for a couple of years!!

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