Thursday, July 16, 2015

Double Duh!!

I am old and losing my mind!  Today it is official! Aaaaargh!

I had a lovely walk downtown, in my cool 'n' breezy new sun dress early this morning, to have my hair cut.  Afterward I had a super yummy salad for lunch and a happy hour or so of window shopping and banking.  Walking home was cool and beautiful under the big old trees and through pretty parks.

I noticed when I arrived home that most all of our parking lot was empty; worthy of notice only because it is rather unusual.  The phone was blinking that I had a message and I was delighted to discover my friend with the back yard pool wanted me to drive over and have a good swim before she had to go to an appointment mid-afternoon.  No need to return her call, just come on over.  O YIPPEEEEE!!!!  I raced to my room tossed on my swimsuit and cover up, packed my towel and flip flops and sunscreen and headed out the back door, locked it, turned around and realized our car was gone.

Of course it was gone.  My husband needed it to drive out to the monastery to teach his classes today.  Duh and double duh!!  Had I not just minutes before walked through our parking lot, noticed the lack of vehicles including our own and even walked right through our own open parking space on my way into the house?  Yes I had!!  Duh and double duh!!

I think the unrelenting heat is making me even stupider than usual.  (and yes, it IS possible for me to be even stupider than usual, so no comment required from the family peanut gallery)

I got myself all happy thinking I was going swimming and then deflated myself when I realized I wasn't.  hahahaha  Had she not been going to an appt. this afternoon my friend would have come to pick me up, but there simply wasn't time by the time I called her and told her what had happened.  haha  Aiii yiiiii.....I need rain, cooler temps...and a new brain.  Order in: a new brain aged about 35 to 40 years!

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